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Digital assets issuance and management platform

A blockchain-based, one-stop digital asset issuance and management platform to bring efficiency and trust to the fundraise process.

Pain Points from the Traditional Market

Long Exit for primary market investors - long time to achieve a traditional exit via M&A or IPO.

Limited Market with trading largely constrained to national borders with limited and expensive access to capital.

High Cost and Inefficiency with long clearing and settlement times and a high-cost, inefficient trading infrastructure.

Solutions from the RedLedgers Platform

  1. Provides new investment asset class for diversification.

  2. Easily customized for any type of digital asset. Sets a new standard for real-time corporate governance.

  3. Fractional ownership leading to greater liquidity.

  4. Legal and compliant gloablly, governed by programmable contracts.

  5. Lower cost and more efficient trading. Borderless, 24/7 trading.

  6. Provides a quick-to-market capital raising route at reduced costs compared to traditional methods.

  7. Facilitates faster liquidity options for investors in both projects and funds.

  8. Access to a growing network of capital markets participants on the RedLedgers platform.

RedLedgers is a blockchain-powered asset management platform that avails alternative regulated asset classes in the form of digital assets. This greatly benefits investors and assets owners alike. It provides greater access to investment opportunities and liquidity, and increases transparency and efficiency while cutting down on   costs and time.

Digital assets issuance

Keyboard and Mouse

Basic Functions

Assets Marketplace


Digital Assets Issuance

A hub for the exhibition of listed assets: Including an introduction, compliance documents, investment return information, financials and business plans

Embedded KYC management for identity and verification of stake holders and investors, as well as AML processes. Adaptable to each jurisdiction

Digitize and tokenize real assets using blockchain technology.

Compliant Fundraising Platform

Digital Asset Management

Dividend Distribution

Asset Custody

Designed for issuers to conduct capital raising, investors to invest in alternative assets, and ecosystem players such as broker-dealers to provide financial services.

Easy-to-use digital asset management tools, with wallet management functions and a dashboard.

Combined with the whitelist management system, the dividends and distributions can be conveniently paid from the platform, along with the various other types of rewards and distribution mechanisms.

Integrated with our partners, Prime Trust and SEBA Bank, to provide secure and qualified custody. Supports all major currencies, major cryptocurrencies, public & private stocks and bonds, and tokenized securities.

Empower the Assets Owners

Compliant, efficient, convenient and cost-conscious digital assets issuance and management, integrated with our global liquidity and capital market participants network. Blockchain technology guarantees the security and transparency of assets.

assets owners.png

Empower the Investor

Investors can access a diversified market for high-quality digital assets through compliant, borderless liquidity transactions. Investors enjoy improved transaction transparency and efficiency by using management tools based on blockchain technology.

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