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Onestop digital investment advisory

Help enterprises grow by facilitating every part of the fundraise process, including asset digitization, legal structuring, go-to-market planning & execution, and fundraising & listing, in order to meet financing needs and improve asset liquidity.

Glass Buildings

The Market

Blockchain technology has led to unprecedented innovation of traditional capital markets, with a market potential in the trillions of dollars. Although still in its infancy, incumbents are entering the market and applications of blockchain technology in financial services are growing exponentially.

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Benefits of Digitization

Benefits for Assets

Benefit for Capital

1. Easy and low-cost issuance process with access to complete ecosystem of investors and service providers

2. Transparent, secure issuance and trading backed by blockchain technology

3. Easier tracking of ownership records to effectively reduce administrative cost

​4. Regulatory, compliant and jurisdiction agnostic; Suitable for a range of financial instruments

1. Real-time tracking of capital and asset holder changes

2. Greater access to diversify investments and increase exposure to different asset classes

3. More liquidity and exit options

​4. Regulated by programmable contracts to ensure legal contracts on a global scale and reduce investment risks

Our Services

Digital strategy and planning

Business consulting and project design: asset digitization, investment advisory services, legal structuring, audit, etc.

Compliance Services

Compliance: design and building of compliance framework in the target distribution area, registration of offshore companies, tax solutions, etc.

Fundraising and Underwriting

Digital asset financing + digital asset distribution and liquidity management: primary market fundraising and secondary market liquidity management.

Issuance and Listing

Digital asset chaining and issuance: chain change services, issuance structure design, asset issuance, exchange listing, fast-track for exchange listing.


1stSTO asset digitization program in Japan

250M(Dollars)in total capital raised from previous fundraises

5-10B(Dollars)Size of global underwriting portals, concentrated in the United States, Australia, and Europe, among other places.

【Business coverage】Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore), North America (United States, Canada), Australia, Europe (Germany, France, Luxembourg), Africa (Kenya). 

【Business sectors】Our business covers real estate, natural resources, technology, consumer goods and other fields.

【The Chinese market】 Our service in China officially launched in the second half of 2020, and 8 projects have been signed. RedBlock is the lead underwriter of one of its flagship projects, “HGC".

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