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Research Institution

Providing comprehensive services such as digital asset industry development and Integrated services for blockchain projects.

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Digital Asset Industry Construction

  • Industry-related content production

  • Integration with various partners and industry resources

To promote the development of the industry

Comprehensive Services for blockchain project

  • Provision of comprehensive services

  • Pooling of the resources within our ecosystem

To assist in project development and implementation


Content Matrix

【Asset digitization ABCs】

Content that introduces the basic concepts that make up the asset digitization industry

【Industry Research Reports and Cases】

Industry research reports and common use cases, to bolster understanding of how the industry is developing

【Weekly Newsletter】

A weekly overview covering the latest industry news, partnership announcements and market trends

【News Flash/Blurbs】

Up-to-date short form content that tracks major trends and news in the industry

Integrated Service Matrix


Media promotion plan and implementation/Community building and Management/Online and Offline Activity planning and Organization


Localization/Marketing and Business Development/Technology Services

【Brand Consulting】


【Resource Dockings】

Branding strategy & design/ Brand management/Project localization

Corresponding resource docking/Business resources/Technical resources/Ecosystem resources

【Primary Market】

Project packaging/Token economy design/Financial planning/Capital connection and follow-up

【Secondary Market】

Secondary market strategy/Secondary market resources/Market value management/Quantitative trusteeship

Industry Research

IP Creation

Build up the digital asset research sector, creating high-quality content, integrating industry resources, and working with international partners. Our goal is to expand business sectors, including project consulting and incubation, industry training, etc.

IP creation for original content: integrate resources to create joint content, such as "Interviews with Leading Experts", "Digital Securities Weekly Newsletter", etc.

Industry Development

Content Output

We seek to cooperate with our media partners on joint content initiatives in order to promote the development of the digital asset industry.

Overseas Expansion

We leverage our resources within China to build an international resource matrix, expand global resources and business channels, and increase our influence and credibility.


Customized Services Available.

Funds Resources


Exchange Resources


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